About Duan Chun Zhen


A Heirloom Family Recipe That Has Been Passed Down For Generation

Recapturing the authentic taste of Duan Chun Zhen’s homemade braised delicacies through selection to blending of traditional ingredients and flavors from Sichuan.

Since 1948, Duan Chun Zhen had been selling homemade Sichuan sauces and braised dishes for a living as a Chinese immigrant in Taiwan. After she passed away, the family opened a noodle store named in memory of their grandma Duan and the aromatic Sichuan dishes she used to make for the family.

Duan Chun Zhen’s Beef Noodle Soup is a bowl of phenomenal flavor that took nearly 18 hours of sophisticated preparation before serving. Start from stir-frying 23 different Sichuan spices and beef tallow to allow the flavors from the crushed peppercorns and other spices blend harmoniously in the simmering pot. Simmering the aromatic spice blend with beef bone at low heat for hours to gradually build up the flavor and richness of the broth before adding homemade wheat noodles with tender braised beef shank, tender, and tripe piling on top. With light spiciness and powerful mouth-numbing sensation, leaving a lingering taste that cannot be resisted by anyone